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Healers Lounge is a holistic directory service designed to connect holistic healing practitioners in Australia with those seeking their services.

But Healers Lounge is also more than that. We believe that whatever ailment or problem exists in a person’s life, that there is a balanced and wholesome solution in nature. Through the medium of Healers Lounge, we intend to bring this knowledge to the common public.

The Human Body is Designed to Heal Naturally

The mind, body and soul industry is, unfortunately, not widely recognized in Australia. The mainstream approach to disease, stress, and illness is ultimately to fall back on synthetic drugs, pharmaceuticals and common medical practices.

Although these drugs and practices are sometimes effective in targeting the outlying symptoms of a problem, the great majority of them do only this. They do not target the source of the problem, thus creating a billion dollar industry with a constant supply of consumers that will always return for more care. Consumers then find themselves in a cycle of medical dependency, always seeking the band-aid effect of medicines and services that will never get to the root of the problem; and so their conditions persist. There is also the unfortunate fact that many pharmaceuticals and medical practices come with their own brand of pains and aches, through unnatural and undesirable side effects, some only short term, but others long term.

This is simply not a sustainable approach. More and more, all over the globe, people are awakening to the sensibility of holistic methods, especially as these methods are gradually being supported by scientific research. More of the general public and groups of medical professionals are gaining further appreciation for the wisdom of indigenous people who have always taught the body’s oneness with nature.

The essence of holistic healing is to find solutions from an integrated point of view that uses the natural medicines of nature, and a method of healing that tries to tackle the root of the problem, bringing the ailment into proper balance with the rest of the body, the mind and spirit.

Healing as Cure and Healing as Preventative Practice

Healing is often regarded as fixing a physical problem when it arises – treating a sickness. But a holistic approach to healing also includes taking preventative measures and showing people how they themselves can maintain and improve good health. A holistic approach also takes into consideration the person’s mental, spiritual and emotional health.

A prime example of this is the approach to stress. Every medical doctor knows, and scientific research shows, that stress, when overwhelming and consistent, is the cause and aggravator of a plethora of diseases and illnesses. A mainstream medical approach might consist of symptomatic treatment that fixes the arising physical symptoms of stress, but without attention to the source of stress or stress management, more ailments will simply continue to arise. A holistic approach will attend to the symptoms of stress but will also offer therapies that treat the cause. Such therapy may offer solutions that calm, soothe, and nourish the mind, or teach an individual ways of managing his or her stress levels.

The mind, body and soul industry has something to offer everyone. There are gentle and holistic ways to tackle the most simple or most troubling ailments, and there is also much to learn for those who want to know how to keep themselves thriving and healthy.

The Cure of Love

We believe that Love is a potent medicine. People respond very strongly to healing practice that offers compassion, care, understanding and genuine concern. Here at Healers Lounge we support the service of treatment that does not just put a band-aid on a problem in a sterile and cold environment, but in a manner that really touches the hearts of people. This, we believe, is intrinsic to true healing.

Our Vision

We seek to bridge the gap between holistic healing and mainstream medical practice. We intend to inform and inspire people to live lives that are truly enriching, healthy and balanced with nature. We want to empower people with the ability to make choices about their health that feels good to them.